Mock Servers - Missing information?


I am extremely new to Postman and was just doing some research on using the Mock Server features. I did some examples and it’s pretty well documented on how it works, etc. So all good in that regard.

However, the one important piece of information that I couldn’t find is where does the Mock Service actually reside? And do you have any options?

I’m just guessing that the Mock Service resides in some Postman Cloud type service. This would explain the uuid type url and the limit on how many calls can be made in a month for free. Is this true?

If true, is there no other option than this Postman Cloud? For instance I’d like to run this Mock Service on my local machine or a different server or a different cloud. Can I do that?


Hi @irwina! Our Mock Service does reside in the Postman Cloud. At this time we don’t offer an alternative to run it elsewhere and I don’t believe it’s on our roadmap, but we can definitely look into the possibility. If you have a moment, would you mind filing this as a feature request on our GitHub? This way you’ll be notified of any updates directly from our engineering team and we’ll be able to make note of your use case and any related ones that are limited by the current solution.

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Thanks @claire for your response! It turns out that our Architect is fine with the fact your Mock Server implementation is limited to running in your cloud. So since it’s not an issue here, I don’t think I should be the one entering it as a feature request.

Thanks again!

Happy to hear everything’s good @irwina — let us know if anything changes!