Mock Server returning invalid results

I have a collection that for one of the requests I have created a number of examples. One of the examples uses a URL like:,ItemId=500062,ItemStatusId=,ItemStatusDateTypeId=,DateValue=,EmployeeId=

I set up a Mock server for this collection and then add a call to the mock server,ItemId=500062,ItemStatusId=,ItemStatusDateTypeId=,DateValue=,EmployeeId=

The problem I am seeing is that the response to the mock request does not match the example response. And yes there is only one request in the examples with the URL api/GenericDataHandler/ComponentData/?ComponentName=HlcItemStatusDates&operation=GetData&passedData=ID=0,ItemId=500062,ItemStatusId=,ItemStatusDateTypeId=,DateValue=,EmployeeId=

What am I doing wrong? Or what assumptions am I making that I shouldn’t?

Thank you.

@rkevinburton - Current Mock servers do not look at the query param part of your URL. Which means if you have multiple examples responses for the path api/GenericDataHandler/ComponentData/ the response returned by the mock server will be the first one that matches that path.

Can you confirm if this is the cause for invalid results?