Missing slack channel while adding new integration

I recently set up a monitor on my team workspace (https://flw-devex-team.postman.co) and I tried to add a slack integration to send my monitor run result to a specific slack channel on my Organizations slack workspace, but after authorising postman I am unable to view the specific slack channel from the channel name drop down.

note that postman has been invited to the channel in question.

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Navigate to monitor details
  2. click on “view more options” under send monitor results
  3. select slack integration
  4. it redirects to the web page and you click on allow
  5. after being authorised, navigate back to the postman app to fill in the new integration details
  6. under “channel name” on the new integration form I can’t find the specific channel I want the results to be sent to. (even after I invited postman to the channel)