Minimum system Hardware requirements


I am looking to get a dedicated windows server for us to run our Postman collections from but I need to spec out the machine. Is there a set of minimum/recommended hardware requirements listed for Postman & newman?

I need to provide the following
Hard Disk

Has anyone else set up a server for this or have a good idea of what set up I may need?


@RyanHowardTest I am not sure about the system requirements but does the mock / monitor feature of postman satisfy your use-case?

Not sure if you’ve come across those features or not so I’ll share just in case:
I feel monitors would fit your use-case in case you want to keep a check on the health of your API’s.

Intro to monitors:

If your developers want to work on building the API’s then mocking them would help.
Intro to mocks:

Just a suggestion. :slight_smile: