Migrated from chrome app to native app - api response is not coming proper

Hi Team - I have been using chrome app to test 3rd party API’s. Since it is going to be deprecated, I just installed the chrome native app (windows 10 64 bit) and imported the collections to the new one.

To my surprise - when I run a post API - here is the response.
chrome app shows :slight_smile:

    "status_cd": "1",
    "auth_token": "3080bff9cc304e498bc8a53aa9729d80",
    "expiry": 360,
    "sek": "P1K1AkhU5vQqS2NkVOcjb6uOC52qvatmlx6budOb/KTHTDk3OKo5KNJdfnn+IhBc"

but Native app shows only one line :frowning:

    "status_cd": "1"

Can someone help what went wrong? i am lil worried to use the installer now.

It would be helpful if you could attach some screenshots.