Mark a request as work in progress


Is there a way to mark a request as work in progress?

When I’m working on a request, it could be ready for dev env, but not yet for production env, for example.


@spike31 If you don’t save the request to a collection it wont be visible to any others in your workspace.
However once you share it, they it would be visible.
You may need to come up with a standard to mark requests as a WIP. Maybe by adding a prefix like WIP to the name of the request until its complete.

When the new branching/versioning feature comes out it will probably help with this.

@tmccann Ok I understand what you mean.
So I thought we could tag requests by environment so that they appear on the API.
But since today it does not exist, I will find another method. If I take them out of the collection, I will lose my collection-related scripts as well.
Thanks for your help

Based on the comments it seems that this isn’t supported.

I assume you DO NOT want to send a specific request in your production environment, but it’s fine in your dev env?
And I assume you want this to not send when running the collection in that specific environment?

I’ve written a dirty, nasty work-around below?

Add a postman variable to your environments, something like - “runWIPRequests”.
In your Dev environment, set this to true.
In your Prod environment, set this to false
(Remember, Postman currently saves all environment variables as strings so this won’t be a boolean.)

In your collection, open the request that runs BEFORE your WIP request.
In the ‘tests’ tab add the following code:

// Remember, Postman Variables are saved as strings.
if(pm.environment.get("runWIPRequests") !== "true") {
    // Assuming your Work in progress request is supposed to run next
    postman.setNextRequest("Put the exact name of the request that is AFTER your WIP request");

// If the "runWIPRequests" environment variable is set to True, then the next request will run as normal.
// Again, assuming the next test in your collection is your Work In Progress one.

Here’s some documentation of Set Next Request:

Remember, if you have a bunch of requests with the same name and you use the “setNextRequest” function on that request - Postman will jump straight to the LAST match. Just something to be aware of.

If this works for you, feel free to mark this post as the ‘Solution’ :slight_smile:
Gotta get those sweet community badges! haha

Hi @pfarrell,

Thanks for the idea, but that not exactly what I want to do.
For the moment I will prefix request’s name with WIP…

I don’t know why we can create different environments but not enable/disable request per environment.