Manipulate Header Output and Save as Variable

Relatively new to Postman and APIs in general. I am making decent progress, but the following is tripping me up.

I need to store the output of a header called “Link” as a variable, however it contains additional output that I do not need. I can successfully store the output as is with: pm.environment.set(“themeLink”, pm.response.headers.get(“Link”));

Sample header output below:


How can I capture only and store this as a variable?

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I think using some regex should help you to extract that value from the header string, you could try something like this:

const headerString = pm.response.headers.get('Link'),
    urlValue = headerString.match(/<([^>]+)>/);

pm.environment.set('themeLink', urlValue[1]);
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@danny-dainton, thanks very much for the help. That has done the trick!

I will need to spend some time learning regex now :slight_smile:

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