Looking for JWT pre-script for google.com

Looking for the JWT pre-script to get the google.com JWT token for personal account.


Hey @fsung2023

Can you expand on this more and explain the usecase. I’m unable to understand which part of google you’re referring too :thinking:

Is this JWT pre-script something you’ve seen or are you trying to create one?

Where have you looked so far?

Hi Danny,

From https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLxCpd3IGys the pre-request script seemed available for fetching JWT accessing postman-echo.com. And thinking to modify for goole.com access.

Frank Sung

That was an example of how a JWT could be created in a pre-request script.

It was using the Postman Echo Service to demonstrate the solution using a practice endpoint.

The Collection being used in the demo is contained within this Public Workspace.


I’m still not fully understanding the “access google.com” part of your question.

Hi Danny,

Thanks. I found it and it works.

Frank Sung

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