Learning.postman.com not available [solved - Internal DNS issue]


I was just trying to open https://learning.postman.com/ and it comes up as not secure. It won’t even open when I ignore browser warning.


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Hello @jwfurtak,

Thanks for reporting this! I followed your link and was able to access the Learning Center without issue. Can you let us know which browser/operating system you are currently using?

Hi @arlemi,

Thanks for your reply. You’re right, everything is fine. I just realized that there is something wrong with my internal DNS configuration.

Thanks !

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This happened to me for a few weeks at least. I reported it in Support request 43659, but no one could recreate.

It happens sporadically, usually when you really, really need to find an answer :slight_smile:

@beth.halstead, thanks for chiming in !. Yeah, that was strange. The reason I think it’s something with my internal DNS is because it was happening only when I was browsing from my corporate network. I didn’t really investigate it and today it works fine. I wish I did the nslookup yesterday. I will post some more info when it happens again.

@beth.halstead @jwfurtak If it happens again and you really need an answer you can revert to GitHub to check the docs -> https://github.com/postmanlabs/postman-docs/tree/develop/src/pages/docs

Thank you! Very useful :slight_smile: