Kronos WFR reports

I am new to postman and i am having trouble. Below is a link to the Kronos WFR Rest API documentation.

REST API Reference Guide (

I made a login POST request that fetches a bearer token to use in another request. I am doing everything the documentation tells me to do. But it keeps giving me Error 400. The link in the documentation is not correct but I have the correct one. If you need any more information you can ask me.

Hi @dobbedanny! Thanks for joining us here in the Postman community! :star2:

Do you have another way to access the bearer token? If so, have you tried adding it as an environment variable?

I am attempting the same thing and running into the same issue. I have attempted both the get and post calls for the saved report call referenced in this documentation (REST API Reference Guide). I have used an environment variable to house the bearer token. I have made successful post login calls and get employees calls using both the api key and subsequent bearer token.

I figured it out a while back. In the header of your get request you should have a key called “Authentication” and set it’s value to “Bearer {your token}”. Without the brackets of course.

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I do have a environment variable pulling the Bearer token. I am still not having any luck.

I was able to resolve the error :grinning:

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Awesome, glad to hear that @jacobjahneke ! Would you mind sharing how you resolved the issue? That would help other users who are having the same problems :slight_smile: