Kbps Options for Generated Audio files in Postman

Hi Guys,
I am using postman to make mp.3 audio Narrations, to use them in Adobe After Affects, Currently the Audio files generated in 32Kbps, and used in different Videos with different fps , in 30 fps Videos, It’s fine, but there are issues when I use the files with (32 Kbps) in 25 fps Videos. How can I generate audio files with different Kbps? Thanks

Hey @sasha.balson

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I’m finding it a little difficult to understand what you’re doing within the Postman app, would you be able to expand/elaborate on the use-case, please? If you could attach some images of the process that would be awesome! :smiley:

Are you hitting a particular endpoint that’s returning the data and then downloading that?

Is there any public docs for the API that you could share?

Hi Danny!

We are using postman to get Narrations (mp.3) for Our videos, (we just entering the text and clicking send) and then importing audio files in Animation software (After Effects). While working in 30 fps it’s Ok, but in 25 fps the generated Audio files not working good (high Pitch).

So the question is how can we generate audio files for 25 fps?

Attaching a Screenshot for example

Thanks for your response :slightly_smiling_face:

What is that endpoint returning? A downloadable file or a response body that you’re them doing something with?

I don’t know anything about the endpoint you’re posting the data too - Postman wouldn’t be doing anything or know about fps that seems like the implementation of the API you’re hitting.

Is this the API you’re hitting?


Can you change the settings to adjust the pitch etc?


The config or what’s being returned has nothing to do with Postman to be honest, so I’m not really sure what to suggest here. :cry:

downloadable file, which has specs that din’t work well in video editing software when I use 25 fps

Did you use the additional audio settings in your POST request body to change the pitch etc?


This isn’t really anything that Postman is doing, from what I can see, they way the file is produced is on the API side so I’m unsure what else to suggest here.

I have looked at audio settings in your POST request body, and there is a chance that I need LINEAR16 AudioEncoding, how can generate audio file like that?

I have no idea how that API works or what it responds with - Never used it. :joy: I’m just guessing based your information and answers.

The documentation should provide you with the information about how the API works and what can be added to your request.