JWT token error after Postman update, could be incorrect date/time?

I’m not sure what it was yesterday, I’m on Ubuntu 20.04, there were some software updates and now I can use postman to login and get a JWT token but that token does not work as it should do and every authorized endpoint gives a 401 error. I’m assuming an update and/or some kind of settings change but I’m struggling to see how to fix it.

The endpoints are all still working correctly when hit by the frontend, etc.

I’ve noticed that the time in the 401 error is one hour different to my timezone, I guess it could be the UTC timezone. This could be the problem, maybe? The timezone on my system is correct and the timezone on npm looks correct too, i.e. different from the 401 error. How do I change this in Postman?

Is this down to a Postman update?