" JSONError: No data, empty input at 1:1 ^" error message after executing scripts in the "Tests" tab

I have a POST request which creates an article, and in the “Tests” tab I take an article slug from the response, set it as the environment variable and then use it in “pm.sendRequest” for deleting the article. Everything works fine but after “pm.sendRequest” I get error message " JSONError: No data, empty input at 1:1 ^". As far as I get it “pm.response.json()” parses POST response body first and then parses DELETE response body as well, it is empty and I get this error. Is it possible to avoid this error somehow?

Hello @yevg8504

could you please show the response body from your POST request? It looks like the json that returns your articles POST action is empty.

I agree, the response body is likely not JSON (or invalid JSON).

@yevg8504 would you mind sharing the code that is breaking? The screenshot doesn’t seem to match what you have described.