JSON Linting / Syntax Validation

Hey team.

Curious if anyone has every tried to use some sort of JSON validation against their collections/environment?
As part of our CI build process, we pull down from our repos, load up the newman docker image and run our tests.

Issue is now that we have larger teams working on the collections are more issues where the JSON may be invalid. We don’t want to get tied down to validating the full schemas, just that the JSON syntax is correct so our builds do not fail as a result of bad JSON syntax.

Looking at something like https://www.npmjs.com/package/jsonlint right now but figured I would open this up to the community to see if anyone else has tried something similar.

~ Trent

I haven’t tried linting, but from experience I can tell you that validating your response against a JSON schema in a test works well using tv4.

@rune.vikestad Thanks for the reply. We have done this as well and it has worked well too and may be what we will have to look at doing but for right now we are just looking for a simple syntax validation.