Json.gz encoding

I am doing a get request to a url for a zipped file of seperate json files. I think the json files are also gz zipped. When I make the request, the encoding is getting messed up and json looks weird. See below. IS there anyway postman can unzip and decode my data.

}?=�HYa;�SKh&�^#U��m��.�?T�y��M��-�(��a���=��$�ч�� :(W��n\����G����k��6���������uăt��<
#��4ۋj����P~eJ�B�y +�J򲮓��xRa�J�Ru/��L��Y��h"�\���/�Нe����/��OŞ,v�S��t7/P�r73����2��N�����(���6kp�����d�*�=4uy�ҳB 䤢�^W�J���>�U[��/w_�u��82�[l��y����ɀ�����b�U� O$��:�{�'�����<� ��߃$3�D)��à������Ƴg��>�QE�e��xX�����@1��4\Z���D���z�V�i3���+Z6���Nz���p�Bl�2/�>Q=\�7�g���e~{��ҽ�I��a�

Hey @wdsmith3434! I found a couple links that might have helpful tips here: