JSON error Cannot deserialize instance of `java.util.ArrayList<example>` out of START_OBJECT token


I am using postman with Cisco NDFC. This is a simple json script with an array but I can’t make it work.
I have an error 400 with the error code in the subject.

My code is:


"vrfName": "PostmanVRF",

"lanAttachList": [


    "fabric": "{{fabric-name}}",

    "vrfName": "PostmanVRF",

    "serialNumber": "90T9HZYS027",

    "vlan": 2001,

    "deployment": false,

    "extensionValues": "",

    "instanceValues": "",

    "freeformConfig": "",

    "msoCreated": false,

    "msoSetVlan": false




Can you help me please ?