JSON Crack - Visualising JSON data

JSON Crack

I recently stumbled across this tool and thought it was brilliant and have shared it with a variety of people.
When using Postman I often find that I receive large JSON responses and scrolling through them can be a little tough on your eyes. This tool allows you to visualise your JSON data instantly into graphs, making it easy to read and follow the structure of your JSON.

I hope you find this as useful as I have.


How do you use JSON Crack within Postman?

I copy/paste the JSON into their editor to visualise it.

It’s not something I use “inside” Postman, it’s just something I found really useful as everything I do in Postman is JSON related.

There is an API available for JSONcrack, so in theory, you could possibly call the API and then use the visualiser within Postman to display the result. But I have not had a go at this yet.


Hello @w4dd325, thank you for mentioning this amazing tool, can you please provide us the jsoncrack API or show us how to integrate it with postman it will be so useful, thank you in advance.

yes, @w4dd325 Indeed it’s a lovely tool!

I wrote a blog here to explore its features of it sometime ago: How to Visualize your JSON 🕵🏼?. A simple way to view and segregate the… | by Pricilla Bilavendran | Geek Culture | Sep, 2022 | Medium, in case someone needs it!!

@srinivas.prodduturi and @noussairbtalebali this is an external tool that helps to visualize your complex API responses! Also, you can use this as VS code extension.

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