Issue with xml validation

Hi, I would like to validate the values of XML parameters but I faced some issues.

                    <VHBTV_CD:SubTitle impairedHearing="true">FRE</VHBTV_CD:SubTitle>

I can only validate the value of an attribute impairedHearing:
pm.expect(jsonObject[‘VHBTV_GRID’][‘ContentLocationTable’][‘TVContentLocation’][‘VHBTV_TV:AVAttributes’] [‘VHBTV_CD:MediaAttributes’][‘VHBTV_CD:MediaTrack’][‘VHBTV_CD:SubTitle’].$[‘impairedHearing’]).to.eql(‘true’);

I try to find out how to validate ‘SubTitle’ itself, so I print it to the console:

  • :arrow_forward:{_: “FRE”, $: {…}}
  1. _: “FRE”

  2. :arrow_forward:$: {…}

  3. impairedHearing: “true”

The issue is related with {: “FRE”, $: {…}} - I have no idea how to deal with ':’

To sum up. I know how to validate the attribute but really don’t know how to validate the language of the subtitle.

Similar situation with genre:
<VHBTV_CD:Genre genreLabel=“Enfant - série”>BFT-003-005</VHBTV_CD:Genre>

I am able to validate the genreLabel:
pm.expect(jsonObject[‘VHBTV_GRID’][‘ContentTable’][‘VHBTV_CD:Content’][‘VHBTV_CD:GenreList’] [‘VHBTV_CD:Genre’].$[‘genreLabel’]).to.eql(‘Enfant - série’);

but no idea how to check the value of VHBTV_CD:Genre.

console.log(jsonObject[‘VHBTV_GRID’][‘ContentTable’][‘VHBTV_CD:Content’][‘VHBTV_CD:GenreList’] [‘VHBTV_CD:Genre’])


Thank you in advance for any tips :slight_smile:

Hello @Mariamobica , Welcome to the community :partying_face:

var cheerio = require('cheerio');
const $ = cheerio.load(responseBody);

Please try if this works, you can try to scrape using text() method along with Cheerio.

Also I have added few assertions for Public SOAP API’s, kindly check if you need to :blush:

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Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
It seems to work but still not perfect.

For Subtile the console output looks like that:
“content.subtitleFRE” instead ‘FRE’

and for Genre it looks like that:
"BFT-003-005BFT-003-000 " instead ‘BFT-003-005’

I will try it figure it out.