Is the term "Template" on its way out?

My question:
Is the term “Template” on its way out?

While some documentation such as still references “templates” and has a screenshot with a tab in the Explore section called “Templates”, this tab does not seem to exist anymore. In fact, there are very few usages of the word “template” anywhere in Postman or the Explore section these days.

I also noticed that most URLs containing the word “template” are redirecting to URLs without this word. Examples:

In most cases, the word “collection” seems to be replacing the word “template”. But if this is the case, I don’t see any official announcement of this change in verbiage. As I help to bring others up to speed on Postman, it would be nice to know the proper terminology. Can anyone offer any insight into this?

How I found the problem:
I found this issue while reviewing the Postman training materials.

I’ve already tried:
Searching Docs, the Postman Blog, GitHub, Postman Community, etc.