Invalid API definition due to "null" in response

Hi there,
I want to have collection that is in sync with the API specs.
I’ve uploaded specs and uploaded collection, but when I want to “enable updates suggestion from definition” it’s not possible (greyed out) and the reason for it is “Unable to find valid API definition”.
When I check the definition I indeed see 18 errors all of the same type: “Invalid data type”.
The reason for this error is oneOf structure in the response with one of the options of type “null”. I really doubt that we’re the first one to have this issue, thus really hope that there is a way to work this around. Preliminary search (in Google and here at the forum) didn’t show any results.

Please help.

found the response here:
Technically we have an error in our APU specs, as stated in the OAS 3:
Note that there is no null type; instead, the nullable attribute is used as a modifier of the base type.
Correct way to do it should be, as described here.

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