Introducing Postman's New API Talk Show, "Breaking Changes"

Postman is introducing a new talk show that covers the things you need to know about the industry, the business, and the technology that powers APIs. Subscribe now and join us for these amazing episodes!

Episode 1: Shutterstock, “Transforming Business through APIs”
Learn more about Shutterstock’s API journey and its impact on the brand and the business.

Episode 2: James Higginbotham, “Calibrating Your ‘API Compass’ as Part of Your API Strategy”
Learn from the experience of James Higginbotham, about navigating the API industry landscape using what James calls an “API compass.”

Episode 3: BetterCloud, “Creating a SaaS Management Platform”
Learn how BetterCloud shifted the conversation of API discovery, management, and security of SaaS operations, which resulted in Gartner creating an entirely new category called - SaaS Management Platform (SMP)

Episode 4: Mike Amundsen “Rethinking API Design and Management”
Get insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by API practitioners, and get a sneak-peek into Mike’s globe-trotting journey sharing API stories.

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