Integration from Jira to SharePoint

Can Postman integrate w/ Jira and load all data including all fields, system fields, attachments, inline graphics in comments and history into SharePoint Lists?

Yes, Postman can potentially be used to facilitate this data transfer, but it won’t be a straightforward process.

Here’s a breakdown:

Postman can connect to both Jira and SharePoint: It can make API calls to Jira to retrieve issue data (fields, attachments, comments) and interact with SharePoint Lists using Microsoft Graph API.

Data retrieval might require scripting: Postman allows building scripts using languages like Javascript. You’d likely need scripts to parse Jira’s response for various data points, including attachments and potentially extract inline graphics from comments.

Handling attachments and graphics: Downloading attachments from Jira and uploading them to SharePoint Lists would require additional scripting within Postman. Extracting inline graphics from comments might be more complex and might require additional tools.

History data: Retrieving complete issue history through Jira API might be limited. You’d need to explore Jira’s API documentation for available history-related endpoints.

Large data volumes: Transferring a large amount of data can be time-consuming and resource-intensive using Postman. Consider this if you’re dealing with many issues.

Overall, while technically possible, setting up this integration through Postman would require some effort and scripting expertise. It might be more efficient to explore pre-built connectors or tools designed specifically for migrating data between Jira and SharePoint.

Thank you, Shivani. That was my understanding as well. I was tasked w/ looking into it after saying pretty much the same thing you said…that it’s doable with a lot of extra dev work…I plan on forwarding on. Thanks again.