Input format does not match

I am trying to fetch / get attendance data from zoho people so for this i am trying to do this in postman<authtoken>&sdate=01-01-2019&edate=01-05-2019&empId=51

but this shows me an error

{"response":{"message":"Error occurred","uri":"/api/attendance/getUserReport","errors":{"code":7205,"message":"Input format does not match "},"status":1}}


Not knowing the API you’re trying to query it’ll be hard to help, this is more of a Zoho question than a Postman one. You should reach out to them and ask what that error message means.
That being said, I doubt <authtoken> is a valid token, it should probably be replaced with whichever one they provide you.

ok when i try to get data in XML format like this… this shows an error<Request><Record><field name='sdate'>01-Jan-2019</field><field name='edate'>28-Oct-2019</field><field name='empId'>51</field>

You will need to provide more details. What is the error shown? Is it an error in Postman or from the server-side?

this shows an error

when i try this<Request><Record><field name='sdate'>01-Jan-2019</field><field name='edate'>28-Oct-2019</field><field name='empId'>51</field>

enter valid id
“msg”: “Enter valid Id”

@bakhtawarashiqhussai for your xmlData values the <Request> and <Record> elements do not have the closing tags </Request> and </Record>, that may be causing the API call to error out.

On a side note posting API keys online is big security no-no, you may want to delete your posts showing the API keys and do consider changing the API keys as well.

Plus do check with Zoho Support for your queries regarding their APIs by visiting this page ( ) - They will be in a better position to help you out with the Zoho APIs.