Inherit data from previous request - from request body

Hello, I’m trying to get data from my post request, specifically either from request or response body.
Below is what I’m using to get data from the responseHeader.

pm.test("Create Account", function() {
    let headerValue = pm.response.headers.get("Neededdata");
    pm.globals.set("Neededdata", headerValue);

However, I cannot get it to work when I’m trying to extract data from response/request body, how can I call on the body?

Hey @theToncheff

To get the Request Body data you can use the pm.request object and extract the details from there.

For example, this would set the raw Request Body as a Global variable:

pm.globals.set("requestBody", pm.request.body.raw)

Likewise, for the Response Body you can use the pm.response object to extract the data.

For example, this would set the raw Response Body as a Global variable:

pm.globals.set("responseBody", pm.response.json())

More information about the pm.* API functions can be found here:

Getting specific values from either of those would depend on the structure of the data, I don’t know what that is so this isn’t a complete solution - Just a helping hand :slight_smile:

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If your response is in JSON format I recommend:

var jsonData = JSON.parse(responseBody);
pm.environment.set(“variable name”,;