Incorrect URL when creating mock server

  1. New > mock server
  2. URL : and name : httpbin without private pin and with some response body

After creating the mock server when i tried to run it there was error :
“error”: {
“name”: “invalidCredentialsError”,
“message”: “Please provide the required x-api-key authentication header.”

when i see the URL i see : {{url}}/ . first part is appended {{url}} not sure why?

Hey @amjathk,

As for the first part, I was unable to reproduce the invalid credentials issue. Can you please share the app version on which you tried this?

Secondly, the {{url}} is the URL of our mock server. You just need to provide the pathname to create a mock URL. For example, {{ur}}/``users. This will create a URL https://<mock-id> with your specified response. You can read more about them here -