In postman tests, How to assert the response parameter which as special chars in it

I’m using postman tests section to automate the APIs

If the response parameter is something like this "currency": "USD",, then we assert this by pm.expect(jsonResponse.currency, 'USD');

But if the response parameter is something like this "super-card.DCC": "false",, in which key has -, .(dot) in it.
Then asserting like this pm.expect(jsonResponse.postingAttributes.super-card.DCC, false); is not working.

Its failing with ReferenceError: card is not defined

Screenshot for reference:

Can anybody help me here?

dot notation won’t work as the element has a dot in it, so you can use bracket notation instead to target the element. You can mix the two when targetting elements.


Property accessors - JavaScript | MDN (