Image upload in environment

Is there any way, i can place an image in environment???

Not sure about your use case but you can store a base64 encoded string of the image but please note that base64 strings of large images can be really long and might cause an overhead in request execution.

Another option is to store the URL of the image.

Thanks for your reply Bhargav…

My scenario is, I have an User API where he can upload images to his profile. To achieve this, i set Body as file and choose the image file.

When it comes in picture to run in Runner/Newman, where can I have the image. So that the collection can pick it and run the tests.

Bumping this.

My tests run in CI so I cannot upload a local image file.

Is there no way to host image files in postman to use in tests??

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@cohen what exactly did you try and what does not work?

Last time I checked you only had to alter the collection and make a reference to a local file. As far as I know, this had changed and the manual step (editing the collection) is no longer needed.

But overall this is how it should work: