If else condition for Postman Requests

Hi guys, need help from you guys for a usecase

I have a scenario where session expires in 20mins and i need to refresh the session after expiry.

Use case : If any request fails with 401 , i need to call a new request which will refresh the session.

If Response code = 401 for Request1 ,
ignore tests and, Call Request2 and go back to Request 1 :
else Call Request 3

Can someone help me with script for the usecase

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Hi @swasthik! It looks like you’re going to want to control the request workflow using the postman.setNextRequest method. This is a general idea of some logic you can put it the “Tests” tab of your first request:

if(pm.response.code == "401"){
} else {
    // Insert logic here for other tests

By using conditional logic like if statements, you can control which requests run in order if they’re run from the Collection Runner.

If you want a bit more info on controlling your workflow, here’s a piece that helped me a lot when I first started :slight_smile: