I would like to test an API that is paged

I am trying exercise an API that returns only 10 results on the first request and sets a property to use to request more. My first attempt is simply getting all the pages at once by putting the following code in the “Test” section of Postman:

let echoPostRequest = {
  url: '{{Zuora-Sandbox-URL}}/v1/catalog/products',
  method: 'GET',
  header: 'Authorization: Bearer {{currentAccessToken}}',

var response = pm.response.json();
let shouldContinue = response.nextPage ? true : false;
let pageCount = 0;

const requestFunction = (err, res) => {

    var responseJson = res.json();
    if(res.code == 200 && responseJson.nextPage) {
        shouldContinue = true;
        echoPostRequest.url = pm.environment.get('Zuora-Sandbox-URL') + responseJson.nextPage;
    shouldContinue = false;

// Imaginge all your tests are here.
// If the value of pageURL field is NOT an empty string, hit the endpoint again instead of advancing to the next request in the collecito.
while(shouldContinue) {
  pm.sendRequest(echoPostRequest, requestFunction);

But this causes Postman to “hang”. Viewing the console just results in a spinning cursor for what seems forever. So I have two questions. Why doesn’t the above work? and What would be the best way to get a certain page or retrieve all the pages?