I want to create single html report when I am running multiple collection

I am running below command :

for i in $(echo $variable | sed "s/,/ /g")   
    # call your procedure/other scripts here below
    echo "test $i"
    echo $count
    newman run $i --environment /home/ec2-user/workspace/apis-execution-postman-collection/postman_env/Staging.postman_environment.json -r htmlextra --reporter-htmlextra-export /home/ec2-user/workspace/apis-execution-postman-collection/report$count.html


This command executes all the collection which collection links are passed in “collectionname” variable so after execution I need single HTML report

Hey @manan.sharma,

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You can only currently create a single report per single collection, you won’t be able to run X number of Collections through Newman, and have it generate a single report.

Thanks @dannydainton

Is any other way I can run multiple collection and create single report for all collection , if yes then Please suggest how can I do?

Not that I know of, I think there might be tools created by people to convert a bunch of collections into a single Collection but I wouldn’t think that report would be the same. I’ve not actually tried that so I wouldn’t know for sure.

This is one I found - https://www.npmjs.com/package/postman-combine-collections

Thanks @dannydainton :smile: