I got a really weird problem with postman

Hi everyone I got this really weird problem with postman and I don’t know what to do… can you please help me.

when I set role to user or admin in the body of my request postman acts like if didn’t. I set role as a required property to be sure and indeed postman tells me that ‘role’ is required but I set role to user in my request I really don’t understand what’s happening here and I can’t continue my course because of that… If someone can help me I’ll be really grateful !

Is this happening only when using PostMan? What about Curl-ing the request and seeing if that gives you the same response?


I’m a beginner with nodejs and back-end development, I only know postman, I didn’t try somewhere else

I just figure out because it wasn’t working thank you !!

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I did not put role in the function that signup…

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Glad you found out the issue. You can also get code sample (cURL included) using the code button here: