I click "run" in "flows" postman and nothing happens

I click “run” in “flows” postman and nothing happens

1 - I open Postman desktop
2 - click on the flows menu
3 - I select my flows
4 - I click on run
nothing happens, no requests are executed, no log is triggered, what should it be?

Hi @altimetry-explorer12

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Could you do the following:

  1. Make sure you are on the latest version of the app
  2. Confirm that running a request within Postman outside of Flows works
  3. Either try to run the flow in a browser with the browser console open, or open the menu with the three bars in the top left of the desktop app, navigate to view → Developer → Show DevTools and with that open, try to run the flow and see what error you’re receiving

1 - estou com a versão v10.23.8
2 - Tenho outros flows que funciona normalmente
3 - os erros que geraram foram os em anexo

Hi @altimetry-explorer12

Thank you for providing that info.

It looks like the logs you provided are from 10.23.5 and you’ve upgraded to version 10.23.8. We added some logging changes in 10.23.8 that will help us diagnose this issue. Could you repeat these logs on your upgraded 10.23.8 version?

Olá atualizei a versão e continua o erro


Can you post the top half that includes the full error stack in the latest screenshot?

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algum retorno sobre a analise do erro?

agora está com outro erro

Hi @altimetry-explorer12

Thank you for sending this over. We have a fix we’re working on getting released.

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