I am unable to assert french text

I am trying to assert a response text which is in French language.
But, the assert is not successful even though both actual and expected texts are exactly the same.

this is the code I am using :

pm.expect(translations["feedback-question"]).to.equals("Cela a-t-il été utile ?");   

this is the assertion error I get:

Verify translation details | AssertionError: expected 'Cela a-t-il été utile ?' to equal 'Cela a-t-il été utile ?'

Any idea how can I fix this?

Nishant Shah

Hey @nishant.shah2

Could you also share the response body that you’re asserting against, please? Or any images of what you’re seeing.

I did a quick mock-up of what I think the response is and it’s working fine here.

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Thanks @dannydainton for the quick reply.
The french text which I had copied for the assertion was from a web page.
Then I just tried to copy the text from the json response of postman (and not via web page)…surprisingly doing this solved my issue.
But, I am still not able to figure out the reason why it was failing with the text from the web page…Both the texts were exactly the same (at least visually)…

Potentially, some kind of character encoding issue when cutting and pasting from a website which is not visible in the Postman UI?