I am a beginner, interested in contributing to Postman. Need help in choosing an issue to contribute

I looked into the repo of Newman,
The problem is that the issues tagged as “getting started” are more than a year old, and the last made progress in the issue is about a year old, so I am confused about whether to start working on the issue or not?
For example,

Hello @aerospace-architect3, Welcome to the Postman community! We’re excited to have enthusiastic developers looking to contribute. :smiley:

While you have already explored, I would recommend going through the fresh issues on either of the postman’s GitHub repositories, possibility the old one might be fixed with new product releases.

There are different available options which you might be interested in contribution:

  • Improve product’s documentation : this is the easiest way to initiate the process of contribution.
  • Fixing bugs
  • Working on the new features .

While you can check for fixing bugs and new features, but I think that won’t be much helpful because Postman as a product is not yet open source. Instead, I would recommend going through some Postman’s open source projects which might be of your interest.

You may also find interesting in exploring the community page here.


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