Http response code is 201 but Response Body is incomplete

I tried searching, but probably used the wrong search terms. Any suggestions here is also appreciated.

My question:
I am just learning and practicing with public APIs.
I would like to create a new user using a POST to
In my request body, I provide {“name”:“morpheus”,“job”:“leader”}
In the response body, I receive {“id”:“166”,“createdAt”:“2022-09-11T01:43:29.008Z”}

What I am expecting in the response body is
“name”: “morpheus”,
“job”: “leader”,
“id”: “496”,
“createdAt”: “2022-09-11T01:44:28.954Z”

I am missing (“name”: “morpheus”, “job”: “leader”,) in the response body.
The response code is technically correct, 201, but I get that response code even if I provide no “name” or “job” in my request body.

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
In the website, it provides what the response body should look like and mine does not look the same. I also confirmed that using Google’s Chrome inspect option, that Chrome gets the expected response body.

I’ve already tried:
I tried providing the response body in raw, form-data with the same results.

Is there a configuration I’m missing? Any additional tips on how to debug would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I figured out the problem. In the request body, I was using TEXT. The server was expecting JSON. I made that change and I got my expected results.