Htmlextra report takes lot of time to load

Hi @dannydainton,
Firstly, apologies to tag you directly.
Second thing, I love the HTML report provided by htmlextra. It’s very comprehensive and at the same time very soothing to eyes and user friendly.

However, when there are too many requests in the collection, the size of the report increases and hence it takes lot of time for the report to open. For me it takes around 30 seconds for the report to completely load and all the tabs to become interactive.

Is there any workaround to reduce the size of the report and make it to load quickly ?
I am already using the option :-


but, it did not help much.

Thanks in advance,
Nishant Shah

yes it does take this much time to load… may i ask why do you need quick view for reports. B’cally it should be more of build runs, which i have for same purpose. And btw 30 isn’t much :slight_smile:

i think reduce the assertions as much you can to load and run quick. hope it helps

Thanks for the response.
Generally I have to share these reports to the stakeholders, like Senior Management and Clients on a daily basis. Sometimes they dont have that much patience or time to wait for the report to load. So, thought that if there is a way to make it quicker then it would be helpful.

Also, I don’t think reducing assertions is a good idea, as assertions are our checkpoints/validations to make sure API’s work as expected. Reducing it means you are leaving loopholes…

Nishant Shah

no excuse if they don’t have patience :slight_smile: i know reducing assertion will loose your validation, just to help ur approach. Otherwise tell them once you generated the report it will be mailed if you can configure it. that the best solution for your stakeholders :slight_smile:

There are a number of flags available to reduce the data in the report, these can be found on the repo’s readme.

You could also create a new template and show the data that they actually want to see - what do they want to know?

If it’s just a big number about the passed and failed tests, are the full response and request Headers and Body something they would be interested in.