HTML Report template for relatively larger collection for better readability

Hello community,

I have a collection which has around 80 requests, so relatively a larger collection, and i run the collection using Newman and generate the HTML report.
I explored some of the commonly available report template(s) and also played with the hbs file template.
I found most of the available template(s) in web, displays the requests sequentially in UI and found its not very easily readable when there are many requests present in the collection.

Its not easily readable because the user has to scroll down the html page etc to get the glance of entire requests lists in the collection.
I try to test my apis with lots of business scenarios etc , so the requests name are written accordingly for the user to get idea about what is getting tested, so its important for people to easily read report and get idea.

Does any one come across any nice hbs template file which can resolve this issue ?
where we do not need to press the scroll bar a lot , where the requests are nicely organized based on the folder structure in the collection etc

Please let me know , it will be helpful to me
Or i may have to start making my own hbs file to satisfy my need


This is the one that I currently use for my test runs - It works for me in my context but it sounds like you need something a little better.

I also collected a couple of different ones here:

You may have already see these though, if you’ve been searching around for a solution.

Happy to have a chat and discuss further and help create something that works for you.

Thanks Danny, I will chat with you

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