How to validate CSV values in the Test Script

I need to validate values ​​passed in the columns. What I am doing is a POST request, sending the CSV, I need to validate that the values ​​contained in the columns are in accordance with the expected, for example from 1 to 10. I can do this when it is a raw, but form-data to read the CSV I can’t. Please help me!


If you are uploading the file with a POST request, you don’t have access to the file content. So you can’t write tests.

The only way to “read” data from a CSV file is to use it for different data sets (aka data-driven testing).

Thank you very much, I thought I could do that. But I really appreciate the clarification, even I was able to read the CSV data as a GET request, validated the header and it was enough for me, but in a GET can I do this validation mentioned above about the values?