How to use pREST?

If I’m understanding it correctly, pREST would allow me to work-around Postman’s limitation of not being to directly query a database.

(1) Is my assumption correct that I can install pRest on a Windows client machine and configure it to connect to our PostgreSQL server?

(2) If (1) is correct, is my idea correct that I just need to have 2 files on my working directory - prest-windows-4.0-amd64.exe and prest.toml with my toml file containing the following:

host = “” => replace with PostgresSQL server hostname
user = “postgres” => we’re using this so retain this
pass = “mypass” => replace with postgres password
port = 5432 => retain this
database = “prest” => replace with the database that I’m trying to connect to???

Thanks in advance!!!

I realized that this may not be the correct spot to post my question about pREST.
I’ve created a question on github instead (

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leaving access to the solution of the problem explicit:
pREST has JWT configuration, you need to disable JWT in the settings

default = false

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