How to use package Library in newman

I am able to use the package library well in postman desktop.
But in order to run the collection using newman , how can we export the package and provide the same to newman for running collection.

Hey @shid19nov :wave:

As Newman is a separate project without a direct link back to Postman, the package library is not currently available to use with that tool.

The packages are not exportable and do not live with the Collection that you may be using. These can be freely used within the Postman UI though.

The package library is available to use with the latest version of the Postman CLI, for non free and basic users.

Hey @danny-dainton , you mention its not possible to export the packages at the moment, so i assume if you want to run the CLI using local files only, its then not possible to use the packages ?

Reason we are offline, is because our jenkins is limited to a local network, and doesn’t have the option to connect to postman online.

If you’re running local files, that are using packages, with the Postman CLI without logging in with your API Key (postman login --with-api-key PMAK-1234), you’d receive an error.

Running packages with the Postman CLI are only available of specific plans.

hi @danny-dainton , thanks for the update , Do we have any future plan for package export and use outside the postman.
Newman is widely used by people. It would be great feature to use exported package

I don’t have any information on that.

You could raise that as a feature request over on the Newman repo: