How to Use an Existing Example Response in a Test?

I’m writing some simple tests in postman, to validate a schema of our api.

Now I wonder if I’m able to load the example response to test against, instead of recreate everything? I’ve seen tests against previous requests by saving them in a global variable, but that’s not what I want.

I’ve got this saved response:

And want to access the saved response (since it has an ID I thought that might be possible) in my test, to test a new schema against it and check if all keys are available etc.

This is the current test, where I have to repeat, writing out the keys that I expect to be available in the object, etc.

Any idea how to approach this?
Thanks so much!

Going to answer that myself:

It could be possible, to use the Postman API, to send a request to the collection and then do some JS filter magic. Sounds like a bad idea overall.

What I ended up with is JSON Schema Validation. This appears to be the cleanest solution. The saved responses/Examples help to create JSON Schema with this tool, then adjust the schema an then use AJV as described here: Checking a schema with tv4 - #2 by dannydainton

JSON Schema makes a lot of sense and adds value to the API development. But it’s also a buttload of work.