How to test url returned from endpoint is active and available?

So here’s how this process is supposed to work.

  1. Call a POST endpoint synchronously (there are two modes, sync and async), and on successful call will return an URL that,
  2. can be used to read in dynamic data that the original request built as part of that process.

Problem we’re having is when we attempt to read from that returned url upon response (this is with a php file_get_contents call) we’re getting a 404 error Failed to open stream error and suspect the call isn’t really completed when it returns.
We want to prove this to the owner of the endpoint by providing a postman test that will do just this, but I can’t figure out how to automate the portion of the test that attempts to read that url.

Any suggestions on how to create a pm test to demonstrate this?

It sound like you just need to create a collection (or folder) with two requests in it.

The first request is the POST request which returns the URL.

You’ll need to save the URL from the response to a collection or environment variable, which you can then used in the second request.

These should be in order, and request 1 should complete before request 2 is run if they are created as separate requests.

As it sounds like you’ve never had it working. Then you will only be able to prove that its not working. I don’t think you will be able to prove the reason its not working.

However, you should have the console logs that show the request\responses. Plus you should be able to share the collection with the supplier and if possible get them to run it themselves. You could always ask them to provide a working Postman collection to prove that the functionality works. As a tester, this is what I always request from the developer where possible. Working examples that I can then build out.

Thanks, after some research yesterday, this is where I was going.
I do like your approach of putting the owness on the author to provide proof of compliance rather than me having to prove the opposite. But this does give me some experience on best approach to reporting bugs.