How to sync open tabs?


I would like to ask whether it is possible to also sync the currently open tabs between two computers running postman.
I can’t find any settings for that and so far only the saved tabs in the collections are synchronized but without getting opened on the other computer.

Thanks in advance!

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The only way that you would be able to see changes on 2 different machines, viewing the same element/entity, is if they were saved. The act of saving something in the element/entity sync’s those changes.

More about syncing your work can be found here:

Are you looking for something where you’re seeing all the changes happening in real time?

I’m not sure I fully understand your use case here - Would you be able to elaborate more, please?

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Hi Danny,

thanks for the welcome and your quick reply!

My use case is that I’m designing an API running on an embedded-server and usually for some time I’m working on a few endpoints and often doing the same requests these days. Just manual requests to see how the new endpoints behave.
After e.g. a couple of weeks these requests become useless because I jump to some new endpoints.

My workflow so far is, that during this time I just have some tabs often with the most often requests and closing them after a few days or weeks without saving. If I close Postman and start again (e.g the next day), these tabs are restored and I can directly keep working where I stopped before.

But I have the problem, that I switch working on two computers, sharing the same postman account, the same workspace (but different environments for different test-devices).
Now I have to either manually create the same requests or to save them on computer A to reopen them on Computer B and delete them after a few weeks.
So I would like to automatically sync these open tabs. Not necessarily in real time, e.g. at close of Postman or after click on a “sync-button” would also be fine.

The link you posted I read before, but it didn’t really help.
So I guess it’s just not possible?

The only thing that I could suggest is enabling the the Autosave option in the Settings.

Which would keep things sync’d as it saving your changes each time and you wouldn’t need to remember to save them before jumping to the next machine or closing Postman.

This is in Beta at the moment so this would only autosave requests and collections, any changes made to environments would need to be saved manually.

Ok, thank you again!
I will try this for some time to find out if I can get used to a corresponding workflow.

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