How to Sort an API response based on a particular Date Attribute


I have a requirement to extract only one row from the output which is most effective latest based on a particular Date attribute.

For this I’m planning to use Sort (desc of that date attribute) and then limit=1.
But I’m unable to sort the data using that date Attribute, is this a limitation from API? because I saw few examples where sort is supported by APIs.

Any pointers on this will be greatly appreciated.


What do you mean with “extract only one row from the output”. Do you want to A) receive only one final result element from the API endpoint or B) do you want to extract one from the list of result elements in the response, to log it into the console or show it in the Visualizer?

It would be good to know from which API you request data from, so that one could check if it actually support a feature to return already sorted data. This applies to A and B. If you are looking only for something like B. then may provide a sample JSON so that I and other know what you try to deal with.