How to set all the responses from pm.sendRequests to environmental variables

I have a loop which is triggering the pm.sendRequests multiple times, and I am trying to set all the responses from pm.sendRequest to environmental variables. But only the environmental variables from the last loop is get set, looks like the enviromental variables are getting overritten each time. Below is my Script.

for (var j = 1; j < nextURL.length; j++){
url: nextURL[j],
method: ‘GET’,
header: {
‘userAccessToken’: ‘test.user’
body: {}

 }, function (err, res) {
    pm.environment.set("ListData" + j, res.json());


Console.log prints all the responses but does not set all the environmental variables
Any Suggestion on how to set the all the responses to environmental variables?

Thank You