How to send file to whatsapp using postman?

Please sugesst me how to send file using postman

Hi @sapvivek87

Could you provide examples of what you have tried so far and more information about your requirements?

You’d have to interact with a Whatsapp API but I don’t think it’s free, so unless anyone on here has an account you’d probably have to share screenshots and code examples.

i have paid api and toekn

i am sharing images for clear understanding

@sapvivek87 you are sending query parameters and body’s form-data both at once, are you sure? Can you give a try by sending the parameters in form-data as shown below?

Or can you post a screenshot, what exactly is given in WhatsApp API’s document?

This is the eaxample of parameters that i want to pass in postman and send file to whatsapp

i want to pass this parameter with token and api url and send file to the whatsapp

Hey @sapvivek87 as you can see, the requirement is you should pass all your key and value in formdata.

Try passing body, filename, caption, chat ID, phone as shown in my previous comment.

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