How to send AUTH Key while using Newman CLI

Hi team i just start working on Newman CLI to automate my test case and save the response in csv file but when i try to run my collection in Newman is shows error " unable to verify the first certificate " so please let me is there anyway to pass authentication key in Newman like we pass in postman.

Hey @ahtashamali06 :wave:

So that we can understand your situation better, could you please tell me the following?

  • Can you run the same collection if you use the in-app collection runner?
  • What is the type of authorization you are using? (e.g. API key, Bearer token etc)
  • Can you share a newman command that you are using and the screenshot of the error message?

Thanks for your cooperation on this in advance :pray:
I am looking forward to hearing back from you!

Yes i am running same collection in postman runner and it work fine but when i try to run same collection by using newmam it shows this error that shown in below image

and code snipped are that i am using to run the collection

Thanks for getting back!

Can you also tell me what type of authorization you are using?