How to save true of false reply from a Get request response body, helpp!

Hey, i just need to know if anyone knows how to save response body info to a file, or better when i am sending a get request is there a way i can just get the true of false information from the response body and save it? been scouring the internet for hours looking for a solution, any tips??

Hi @mmgg3788

What are you intending to do with it once it is saved?

Could you not just set the value as a variable?

const response = pm.response.json();
pm.globals.set("variable_key", response );

If it has to be a file, then you could try something like this;

As mentioned, it would be nice to know what you want to do with the results.

Usually, you would have tests written to test the specifics of the response. It’s the results of those tests that are usually important.

You can then plumb this into your continuous integration tool like Jenkins or Azure Dev Ops.

Integrating the postman tests into the deployment pipelines using something like the Newman CLI interface for Postman which will generate a HTML file of the results, which are then stored back into your continuous integration tool for the team to see.

hey, I just want to save the response body to a normal txt or a file i can just view the answers. and i am doing alot of literations like 500-1k and i would just like to save the true of false i get back