How to save the captcha image in local drive from response

I tried to login with an application having captcha. In get method response body, the captcha is displayed in jpeg format. How to save the captcha image in my local drive from response body

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On the Send button, there’s a drop down with a Save and Download option - would that help you out here?

Hi @danny-dainton

Tq for ur immediate response… but i want to do by script to run whole collection. Any idea

It wouldn’t be possible to do this via a script in the sandbox environment but you could probably achieve that using Newman.

You could create a Newman script that runs the request and downloads the file to your file system.

These are some example of writing files to disk that could be adapted for your usecase.

Thanks !! @danny-dainton. Will try in newman script. Is it possible to handle captcha with this?

You’re welcome :+1: - It depends what you mean by handle captcha?

This would only download the response as a file on your local file system.

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