How to run subfolders of a collection in newman? Only selected subfolders, not the whole collection

Hi all, I like to run a subfolder of my collection in newman. I have a collection that contains many subfolders, if I export as JSON and run in Newman, it runs the whole collection. But I want to run only one folder inside my collection in Newman, So if anyone knows the solution please help me.

Hi Issac :raising_hand_woman:t2:!

To run a subfolder of your collection using the Newman CLI, all you would need to do is specify its’ name after the folder tag.

E.g. I have a subfolder in my Airtable API Collection called Types Table. To run only this subfolder, I’ll use the following command:

newman run Airtable\ API.postman_collection.json --folder "Types Table"

Btw, @dannydainton answered a similar question in greater detail here!

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Thank You, I’m able to run subfolders

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